CMI creates comprehensive marketing/awareness programs that offer practical solutions for our clients, across multiple industries, helping provide a more complete and engaging guest experience while demonstrating the social awareness of the company.

BMW of San Diego 3

CMI’s current program addresses the needs of clients to the Automobile Industry and presents an opportunity for these businesses to help their customers and local communities while participating as global citizens.

When a car is sold, the dealerships are missing an opportunity to show their depth of service.   Clients need to transfer their belongings from traded vehicles to the new vehicles and dealerships are offering, at most, a one-time use plastic bag similar to those at a grocery store that are currently being outlawed across the country.

Providing customers with reusable eco-friendly bags fills the need in the market for replacing plastic bags while providing dealerships with residual advertising in the long run.


To have the automotive industry embrace Cause Marketing International’s marketing/awareness program as an evolved way of doing business every day.  Realizing they are in position to influence thousands of people every day.  Helping, their customer, local community, global environment, a social cause and their business…long after the customer is gone.