Your dealership receives on-going residual advertising and increased brand awareness every time your customer uses their earth-friendly Auto Delivery Bag!
  • Your company name, logo and web site address will be seen everywhere from grocery stores to Nordstrom.
  • Great low cost ongoing residual advertising through constant exposure by customers using the bag.
  • A marketing tool used to move things from one car to another during a professional delivery process.
  • Great way to end the sales process
  • Perfect promotional give-away during any and all events
  • Promotes “Global Awareness”
  • Environmentally friendly – Keeping approximately 480,000 one-time use plastic bags out of the community annually!!
  • Shows the customer the dealership cares about them and the environment
  • Creates a reputation of being environmentally aware
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Builds customer appreciation, loyalty and referrals