Sales Process

When a car is sold, most dealerships are missing a great opportunity to show their depth of service. Customers need to transfer their belongings from traded vehicles to the new vehicles and dealerships are offering, at most, a one-time use plastic bag similar to those at a grocery store that are currently being outlawed across the country.

take your car into the store

The Auto Delivery Bag will compliment your sales process and should become part of your everyday way of doing business.  Every automobile delivery should include at least one of these bags with the vehicle manuals and/or items from any trade-in being placed in the bag.  This will begin a habit of use for the customer.  An extra bag should be given with a suggestion to the customer to pass it along to a friend or family member.

Encourage your customers to protect the environment by committing them to using your Auto Delivery Bag every day in place of plastic. You will quickly create an army of walking/talking billboards for your dealership all of whom have purchased or considered purchasing a vehicle from you.

Reusable bag customer

With concern for the environment growing and one-time use plastic bags being outlawed, more and more people are using reusable bags to do their everyday errands. Someone is going to arm your customers with one of these bags but none offer the prestige your bag does or are in position, like you, to help on such a large scale.

It’s time to give your customers a gift they’ll not only appreciate but will use again and again. From grocery stores to the mall, schools to bookstores, the beach or anytime they would typically use a plastic bag.  Remember, your  customers shop, where your future customers shop!

Leave a lasting impression with your customers by adding an Auto Delivery Bag to every vehicle you sell